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Funny, Rude, Homemade Greetings Cards


Welcome to our "Love and Other Complicated Situations" collection – the place where funny and rude wedding and divorce greetings cards coexist in gloriously chaotic harmony! We believe in celebrating the ups, downs, and what-the-hecks of relationships with a touch of humour that's as refreshing as an open bar at a wedding. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter cards and say hello to a collection that's ruder than a seagull stealing your fries and funnier than your uncle's questionable dance moves. Whether you're toasting to eternal love or giving a nod to newfound freedom, our cards are designed to raise eyebrows and evoke belly laughs. From tongue-in-cheek quips that'll make even the stiffest upper lip twitch to illustrations that capture the chaos of love and its aftermath, our cards are here to add a splash of hilarity to the relationship rollercoaster. 


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