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Funny, Rude, Homemade Greetings Cards

Funny, rude, cheeky and unique greetings cards for all occasions!

Meet the ingenious mind behind the whimsically irreverent world of What The Duck Cards, Maddy. A spirited entrepreneur with a penchant for humour and a knack for creativity, Maddy is the driving force behind these refreshingly unique artisan greetings cards. With an infectious laughter that's as contagious as her innovative ideas, she's redefining the traditional greetings card landscape one quirk-filled design at a time. Maddy's vibrant personality shines through in each card, infusing them with a distinctive blend of cheekiness and charm. Armed with a cup of coffee and a mind brimming with witty puns, she fearlessly explores uncharted territories of card creation, ensuring that every recipient experiences the delightful surprise of a heartfelt chuckle. Maddy's determination to create connections through unexpected humour has transformed What The Duck Cards into a must-visit destination for those seeking a touch of laughter and a dash of originality in their greetings.

Why not personalise your card by writing a message and sending direct to your recipient? It's free!*

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'Lovely as usual! This is my second purchase from this shop. Unique and cute cards. Well made.'


Moon Web Graphic.jpg

'Really good quality card, will definitely be back for more. Quick delivery, sent in a cardboard envelope so received in excellent condition too.'


Trees V3 Web graphic.jpg

'Exactly as described and excellent quality. Fast delivery so I now have plenty of time to think of something equally as witty for the inside! Thank you'


Brain V2 Web Graphic.jpg

'Well received after the operation...just what the doctor ordered...will definitely use them again'



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